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Thread: Yash

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    You have to be the sorest loser I have ever seen. Every single time you are loosing, you log on Kovo. At least be a minute little man and battle your own battles.

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    Kova's his own man. I have no control over him.
    You have some serious issues dude.

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    Do Us all a favour and create a dummy account and join the red side and come and see what is what before you point fingers like that.
    cause assuming things makes us firstly Laugh and secondly you make an ass out of yourself.
    the game is about team work if the Nords cant work as a team that not our problem really that why we cant see what you say and you cant see what we say.

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    Kovo? Who is Kovo? We don't have such player on Siegelord servers!

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    Yash az csal !

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