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Thread: Yash

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    Well Yash m8 you win s2 will not survive the merger. S2 was a good game without your friend in it but it will die a slow death just like S1 unless your friend has changes his style of play.

    I will see how things go for a while before I decide weather it is worth staying or not Its been fun with you on S2 cth u l8r.


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    Hate that ya' see it that way Aba, i think with all the more actives that all factions have it will be a boost to the game.
    And we have discussed the comming merge, to pull back the blockades.

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    How about pulling the blockade back from piketon to midsummer hall make the game a game again lol.


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    Ki kell zrni azokat a jtkosokat akik belpnek a msik akuntjval !!! Pdre1 mikor mr veszt belp Yash akuntjval ami szablytalan !!!!

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    You point that finger so much i am surprised it hasn't fallen off yet.

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