Hi everybody~

After 5 years of operating LOYGAME and more than 50 millions players globally we’re shutting down the service today.

What happened?

5 years…. LOYGAME lived, LOYGAME died. It was an OK platform with a strong first-mover’s advantage in a time of novelty. Some people liked it, some didn’t, but that doesn’t matter anymore. The world evolved and so have we. We had ups and downs, we were a passionate bunch, we had fun and we were very, very lucky—until we weren’t so lucky anymore, but we didn’t quit. We kept our stick on the ice and ultimately made it through to a new project that’s taking off nicely. And that’s now where we want to dedicate all our efforts.

As a parting gift to all the startups folks out there, here’re two interesting facts and the best piece of advice we could come up with after 5 years of running the same business:

- Fact 1: startups are hard, with no guarantees of success.
- Fact 2: startups take a big chunk of your life, so know why you’re in it.
- Advice: remember people will give you advice, and often they’re wrong.

This is why this story ends today, with no regrets and much learning.

Thank you to all of you who worked with us!

… helped us!
… cheered at our jokes!
… and played our games!

Speak soon.

2017/06/30 Recharge will be shut down
2017/07/30 All Games servers will be shut down
2017/07/30 Official website and support service will be closed