Q: What if I fail to login the server?
A: You may check whether the server is in maintenance. (You can refer to the maintenance announcement in the News&Announcements from the official website.)

Q: What can I do when the system fails on the half way?
A: You may try to clear your browser's cache or change your browser and try again.

Q: How can I level up before reaching Lv 30 in Siegelord?
A: You can gain the required EXP for leveling up by upgrading your buildings, completing the quests or challenging scenarios.

Q: How can I get the 4 resources in the game?
A: There are 4 kinds of resources in Siegelord, which are Diamond, Timber, Food and, Iron. They can be gained from the corresponding resource building including Dwellings, Sawmills, Farmlands and Mines and also from other functions and activities in the game.

Q: How can I recruit generals?
A: You may recruit the general in Tavern after you defeating him or her. You can click the question mark in the upper right corner of the Tavern interface to check the available generals.

Q: How can I put more general in battle?
A: Do technology research to gain Feudal Standing and thus to put more generals in battle.

Q: How can I claim packages?
A: Click the Package in the upper left corner to claim the rewards or enter the serial code to claim packages.

Q: How can I check the mails?
A: Click the Mail icon in the upper left corner to enter the Mail interface.

Q: How can I show the recharge interface?
A: Click the ď+Ē icon next to the Diamond icon and then click the Prompts tab. You can click to choose whether to show the buying tips again.

Q: Are there Equipment levels in the game? How can I get better equipment?
A: The equipment ranks can be raised as you upgrade the chief general and there are 6 ranks of equipment, which are White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple. Refreshing could increase Connoisseur. There could be better equipment when you have a higher Connoisseur.

Q: How many ranks of equipment are there in the game? How can I raise the rank?
A: There are 6 ranks of equipment altogether. They are White, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red and Purple. You can upgrade your chief general to raise the equipment rank.

Q: How to get official position? Whatís it for?
A: You can enter the imperial city after you reach Lv 26 and get the corresponding position by defeating the NPC or player in the imperial city. The positions have buff effect for your resource production. Higher position will have greater effect and claim more Diamonds every day.

Q: What are the usages of the resources in the game?
A: Gold: Buy equipment, recruit generals, upgrade buildings and exchange for other resources on the black
Timber: Upgrade buildings.
Food: Recruit soldiers, play for more Raid Bosses and move worldwide.
Iron: Upgrade weapons.

Q: How can I get Diamonds for free in the game?
A: After you defeat Gregor, the Daily Login Reward will be unlocked and you can get Diamonds and Prayers for free.

Q: Why are the Food I spent to recruit soldiers different?
A: The higher the level of soldier is, the more Food is required for recruitment.

Q: How can I clear the Scenario stages as soon as possible?
A: There are some hidden NPCs in the Scenario. You can get mass resources and EXP by attacking them. You can consume a certain amount of Diamonds to unlock them again after you defeat them.

Q: Where is the Iron Mine?
A: The Mines will appear near the main city on the map after the corresponding resources are unlocked.

Q: Why did I fail to choose tactics when in battle?
A: You may check whether the troops of generals are full first since you cannot cast tactics when the troops are enough.

Q: Can I change my faction after I make my decision at first?
A: Sorry, you canít.

Q: What can I get if I besiege the fortresses of the other factions?
A: The military supplies you can get every hour will be increased.

Q: What can I do if the recruiting speed is too low?
A: You can accelerate the basic recruiting speed by upgrading Barrack. You can also spend the Recruiting Order or Diamonds to reduce the recruiting time by 5 minutes and gain army forces at the same time. The banquet can also accelerate recruiting.

Q: Why did I fail to claim the loyalty of Government affairs?
A: You can check whether the loyalty is full and then you may continue to claim the loyalty reward after you claim it.

Q: How to get Recruiting Orders?
A: We will present a certain amount of Recruiting Orders as gift everyday. You can buy them from the market and get them from the killing chests.

Q: How to get Treasures?
A: You may get it from the killing chests.

Q: How can I get the equipment with skills?
A: Refresh the Shop. The equipment above yellow may contain skills.

Q: Why didnít it work after I invest on Technology Research?
A: It will only work after the investment is completed and the research ends.